I am sure you have covered this a thousand times but I haven't been on 
here all that long and am very far behind on reading the emails. I have a 
newborn and work and times get hectic, sorry.
     We adopted a kitten that after a neg test later turned out to be pos. We 
love her so we are keeping her. The clinics around us usually recommend 
euthanasia and don't have a ton of experience treating pos cats. We have a neg 
cat 12 years old as well. 
     My problem is that Maggie goes through boughts of what I call horribly 
smelly Pancake batter poops. They are very watery and smell very foul. During 
these times she acts as though she is not feeling well ( I wouldn't either if 
that came out of my bottom). I would like to know what stuff seems to work best 
and what stuff to avoid. I asked my vet about interferon to build immune, she 
didn't seem very knowledgeable about it but prescribed it anyway. Seems like 
the diarrhea has been worse since she got on it and it is $40 plus shipping a 
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I hate seeing her miserable.


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