Wow, paregoric. Have to remember that.   Thanks for the info -


On Apr 3, 2009, at 4:13 PM, Pat Kachur wrote:

This probably seems pretty obvious but--my Mandy (Felv) had diarrhea for months, all the time. After trying many things, my vet said use paregoric and the diarrhea stopped like magic and has not returned.

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Debbie and Heather,
Thanks for the reply. Maggie has had several(5-6)fecals done and one sent away to a lab as a feline diarrhea panel which cost $160 and checked for fungus, parasites, etc. All of which were normal. She has diarrhea more than she doesn't anymore. She was born in June and began having FELV symptoms in August. The diarrhea has been off and on since then. Do you know is the Fortiflora something you need to get at the vets or can I find it elsewhere?
   Again thanks for the advice ladies.
Tanya Warner

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Ditto that all, and, some Fortiflora might not be a bad

2009/4/2 Debbie Harrison <>

> First off, I'd like to thank you for keeping this
little one despite all of
> your other demands.  Then, has your vet done any fecal
testing?  Maggie
> could possibly only need some antibiotic or
> Other than that, the wonderful people here will tell
you to feed her a good
> quality diet and keep her life as stress free as
possible.  Your kitten
> could conceiveably live a good, long life.  Best of
luck to you and your
> family.
> Debbie (COL)
> "The time is always right to do what is
right" -  Martin Luther King
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>  >
> >
> > I am sure you have covered this a thousand times
but I haven't been on
> here all that long and am very far behind on reading
the emails. I have a
> newborn and work and times get hectic, sorry.
> > We adopted a kitten that after a neg test later
turned out to be pos. We
> love her so we are keeping her. The clinics around us
usually recommend
> euthanasia and don't have a ton of experience
treating pos cats. We have a
> neg cat 12 years old as well.
> > My problem is that Maggie goes through boughts of
what I call horribly
> smelly Pancake batter poops. They are very watery and
smell very foul.
> During these times she acts as though she is not
feeling well ( I wouldn't
> either if that came out of my bottom). I would like to
know what stuff seems
> to work best and what stuff to avoid. I asked my vet
about interferon to
> build immune, she didn't seem very knowledgeable
about it but prescribed it
> anyway. Seems like the diarrhea has been worse since
she got on it and it is
> $40 plus shipping a month.
> > Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I
hate seeing her
> miserable.
> > Thanks,
> > Tanya
> >
> >
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