Hi my name is Grahame and my 2 year old cat Ebony has diagnosed with FELV about 
a month ago. She was also anemic.  That vet pretty much said there was nothing 
that could be done. We then went to a second vet and had some more tests done. 
She tested negative for hemobartonella and she had non regenetive anemia. I 
asked the vet about Imuunoregulin and epogen. She decided we should start Ebony 
on the immunoregulin and she has been on this for 2 weeks for a total of 6 
shots.  I have also been giving her pettiinic during this time. Ebony actually 
had improved on her condition 2 weeks ago, before we started the immunoregulin. 
Now its 2 weeks later and I can tell she is more anemic by the way she is 
acting and the color of her tongue. I am going to the vet tonite to get her 
blood counts. What should I try for my Ebony? I'm willing to try anything 
albeit reasonably priced. Prednisone? Epogen? Could it still be Hemobartonella?

Thank you in advance for the help

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