Most cats don't need iron supplemented but yes there are iron shots, Baileys iron was a little low and he did get a couple of shots but the epogen and prednisolone were in my opinion the main things that helped him, the doxy I wanted him on as a precaution, he always tested negative on the hemo test (4 or 5 time), so once his HCT started going up all he was getting was the pred and epogen. He got nutrived in his food also but as low as his HCT was getting he needed the epogen to keep him from crashing and dying.

If your BF found a kitten, as in months old, it probably had Acute renal failure from getting into something like poison or eating a plant that was toxic, unless it had faulty kidneys at birth. Acute renal failure comes on very suddenly, chronic renal failure comes on over time, progressively. Fred's kidneys have been failing over a 4 or 5 year time span.


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