I would go ahead and treat for Hemobart anyway, many times it does not show
on the test.  I have no experience with Epogen, but I have seen others state
that it worked for them.  It is possible for a cat to develop a resistance
to Epogen after awhile, but might still be worth it for the extra time it
should give you with Ebony.  With Immunoregulin, if you don't see
improvement very quickly, it is not going to work.  I would continue with
pettinic or some other supplement with iron.  I hope Ebony's HCT level has
not gotten too low or the Epogen won't have time to work without a


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Hi my name is Grahame and my 2 year old cat Ebony has diagnosed with FELV
about a month ago. She was also anemic.  That vet pretty much said there was
nothing that could be done. We then went to a second vet and had some more
tests done. She tested negative for hemobartonella and she had non
regenetive anemia. I asked the vet about Imuunoregulin and epogen. She
decided we should start Ebony on the immunoregulin and she has been on this
for 2 weeks for a total of 6 shots.  I have also been giving her pettiinic
during this time. Ebony actually had improved on her condition 2 weeks ago,
before we started the immunoregulin. Now its 2 weeks later and I can tell
she is more anemic by the way she is acting and the color of her tongue. I
am going to the vet tonite to get her blood counts. What should I try for my
Ebony? I'm willing to try anything albeit reasonably priced. Prednisone?
Epogen? Could it still be Hemobartonella?

Thank you in advance for the help

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