Yes, my vet gives me the ace whenever it's "that time"... 

Before, I have had a few who would really perk up on the way to the
vet's office, as if to say, "I'm not sick, look at me! I can run circles
around you!" And THAT makes it really hard! My cat Benjamin (FeLeuk+)
had been going slowly downhill for a couple of years (we think he was
about 17 at the end)- and it had gotten to the point where he couldn't
make it to the litter box anymore and was very weak. So we cried and
drove down to the vet's office, and he started acting like a kitten
again. We turned around and brought him back home, where he scampered
all over the house, played with toys, had an appetite again, etc.
Several days later, though, he was "back where he started", and we took
him to the vet's again. Again he perked up in the car, but we knew it
was time. :-( That was really hard.

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Yes, watching them struggle or gasp for breath is just unbearable.
I've used Klonopin to ease the fear or struggle when a cat is dying.
It really helps and it is used for cats because I checked with my
vet.  It's like Valium.  Have any of you used this for dying cats? 
I have a prescription for myself, so I always have it on hand. Ace
promazine would have to be gotten from a vet wouldn't it??

We all hope our furry ones will died peacefully at home, preferably
in their sleep, but as you said, it seldom happens that way. Same for
people..... We all hope to die peacefully at home.

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