i don't know about klonopin, but i DO know that valium can have a
paradoxical effect in cats, and make them very agitated, which is clearly
NOT the intended effect. i've worried about that ever since i heard a number
of folks, including vets, mention it.....

i would think, tho, that if you've got a good relationship with your vet,
and a cat near time, they might be willing to prescribe something to help?

in my experience, and i hope this doesn't sound too scary or morbid, when
they reach the point of having trouble breathing, they don't really seem to
be "there" any longer. it's as if they have already left, their spirits, as
least, and all that's left is their no-longer-needed body. i find that i can
really tell when "they" are not present, and have gone on--i always tell
them about the wonderful cloak room at the bridge where they get to pick out
a brand-new body, in whatever color or breed or pattern they'd like, that
they don't need to worry about leaving the old body behind, that it served
them well, but there's a new, healthy one waiting... i see the last shudders
and gasps as just the last wisps of their souls slipping out of the dwelling
that's no longer necessary for that part of their journey, not as something
they are consciously suffering through.

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