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> It feels like it sometimes but
> no.  I run a small rescue.  We average around 150
> adoptions a year and have the cats in various foster
> homes.  Here's our petfinder site:  
> I usually take older kittens, teenagers and adults at my
> house.  Some seniors and special needs types too. 
> The foster homes are usually more into the tiny kittens.
> I do wind up sanctuarying some of the harder to place cats,
> or at the very least fostering them for a long time till the
> right home is found.  I've had some for 12-18 months
> before they were adopted.  I also have a weakness for
> Siamese and will take more risks with older feral or
> undersocialized Siamese.  May take a year to tame them
> for adoption but, hey, they're gorgous and eventually I do
> manage to place them.
> Our senior girl who just passed away from a grey and white
> tuxedo who had been with us 9 years.  She showed up 9
> years ago, starving and hugely pregnant.  We took her
> in and kept her.  She was at least 15 on Monday when
> she went to the bridge, possibly older.  I know we did
> right by her all the years that she was with us and I'm glad
> she was here so long.  Gave her plenty of time to
> forget her former life that had left her in such bad straits
> by the time she found us.


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