We just PTS one of our geriatric cats on Monday.  I had a little stash of 
torb-val syrup on hand and gave that to her Sunday and Monday morning.  She had 
been in renal failure for more than a year but somewhere between Friday night 
and Saturday morning it looks like she had a stroke.  It looked like she was 
paralyzed on one side of her body.  On Saturday she was still drinking water 
but not eating, on Sunday she did not want water either.

I was surprised she was still with us Monday morning, actually raising her head 
when I came to check on her.  She was still present in her body but just 
barely.  I'm sure that it was time to help her to the bridge.  I have no idea 
how stressful a "natural" death might have been for her.

We almost PTS last fall but then some antibiotics and fluids rallied her and 
she had 6 or 8 really good months, frail though she was.  Last fall would have 
been much too soon but I worry that Sunday would have been better than Monday 
to PTS. It was a matter of vet availability and cost.  Hate it when decisions 
have to be made on that basis.

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> i don't know about klonopin, but i DO
> know that valium can have a
> paradoxical effect in cats, and make them very agitated,
> which is clearly
> NOT the intended effect. i've worried about that ever since
> i heard a number
> of folks, including vets, mention it.....
> i would think, tho, that if you've got a good relationship
> with your vet,
> and a cat near time, they might be willing to prescribe
> something to help?
> in my experience, and i hope this doesn't sound too scary
> or morbid, when
> they reach the point of having trouble breathing, they
> don't really seem to
> be "there" any longer. it's as if they have already left,
> their spirits, as
> least, and all that's left is their no-longer-needed body.
> i find that i can
> really tell when "they" are not present, and have gone
> on--i always tell
> them about the wonderful cloak room at the bridge where
> they get to pick out
> a brand-new body, in whatever color or breed or pattern
> they'd like, that
> they don't need to worry about leaving the old body behind,
> that it served
> them well, but there's a new, healthy one waiting... i see
> the last shudders
> and gasps as just the last wisps of their souls slipping
> out of the dwelling
> that's no longer necessary for that part of their journey,
> not as something
> they are consciously suffering through.
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