Wow, Jenny, that's a WONDERFUL report and very encouraging
to me and many others, I'm sure.  


At your suggestion (and thanks for the e-mail and phone
messages), I began Lukey's syringe feeding yesterday with
A/D and Gatorade.  He did very well with both.  


I'm on my way out to feed him again this morning and then
taking him back to the vet to put him on intravenous fluids
and vitamin C to help with whatever infection may be going
on, if any.  Still not sure about what is causing the fever
because his blood work was normal last Thursday except for a
borderline low lymphocyte count and mild anemia (don't
recall the numbers right now).  The fluids seem to help the
fever a lot, though, so it may in fact be from dehydration.
We may go ahead and start him on antibiotics as well to be
on the safe side, and he will be evaluated today as to any
need for a transfusion, though I don't believe his anemia is
that severe yet. 


One question:  He appears to have some diarrhea, first
noticed on Saturday.  Do you have any thoughts about what
might be causing the diarrhea or has Autumn experienced
this?  It was before his first LTCI shot, also given on


Thanks again for the wonderful and promising news.  I have
been so depressed all weekend and this certainly gives me
hope for my Lukey.  






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