Hi there-

I don't know if this is the right place, but I am hoping for some feedback.
I recently adopted two kittens, a brother and sister.  At 7 weeks, I had
them tested for FeLV.  The boy kitty is positive but the girl kitty is
negative.  Is that even possible?  They have been living together for 7
weeks; wouldn't she be positive if he was at this point?  I am taking them
both in tomorrow so he can be re-tested with the IFA and she can be
vaccinated.  I am absolutely devastated.   I am in love with both of these
kitties and am looking for some hope.  My boy kitty is active and playful,
though he has had a little diarrhea today and is eating a little less.  I'm
totally freaked out.  I am keeping the two apart, which is also killing me,
because they are such a comfort for each other.  Does anyone know what my
odds are for his second test being negative?  Is is weird that she's
negative?  If he is positive, do I have to keep them apart forever?  If we
have a baby and he is positive, do we have to get rid of him?  I can't even
bare thinking of all of this, as he snuggles on my tummy purring while I
type.  Any advice, support, guidance is sincerely appreciated.

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