Hi Julie
 You have come to the right place... We all have a similar story to tell...
Your story is exactly like mine.. Two black and white tux kittens.. Boy was pos and girl was neg... I didn't have room to separate them and the vet advised that
she surely she had been exposed and she might be one of the few that have a
strong natural immunity or else she wouldgo pos at some time later... Anyway
she got vaccinated but not separated....
The 2 were very close and played together all the time.. I remember thinking how sad it was going to be when the pos one got sick and passed on leaving her.... As fate would have it the neg one stopped eating one evening after only a month... Took her to the vet 1st thing in the morning and she got some emergenct treatment
but she died while still at the vets in the middle of the morning....
The vet said it was FIP... The point is there are many things that can take a cat early... My pos boy lived on for seven years... During his life I got hms several
other pos kitties and most of the he out lived too...
There is also a good chance that the 1st test is a false pos... Do get that 2nd test
and we will all hope for the best...
If it were me I would let the stay together... Keep them happy and no stress... Feed them a good quality food and have a vet that approves of keeping a pos kitty and will give you an appointment in very short time if you think something is wrong..
They may have a weak immune system and need antibiotics quickly...
FeLV+ kitties seem to know that you are taking special care of them and are extra
loving in return....


Julie Dalesio Gladnick wrote:

Hi there-

I don't know if this is the right place, but I am hoping for some feedback.
I recently adopted two kittens, a brother and sister.  At 7 weeks, I had
them tested for FeLV.  The boy kitty is positive but the girl kitty is
negative.  Is that even possible?  They have been living together for 7
weeks; wouldn't she be positive if he was at this point?  I am taking them
both in tomorrow so he can be re-tested with the IFA and she can be
vaccinated.  I am absolutely devastated.   I am in love with both of these
kitties and am looking for some hope.  My boy kitty is active and playful,
though he has had a little diarrhea today and is eating a little less.  I'm
totally freaked out.  I am keeping the two apart, which is also killing me,
because they are such a comfort for each other.  Does anyone know what my
odds are for his second test being negative?  Is is weird that she's
negative?  If he is positive, do I have to keep them apart forever?  If we
have a baby and he is positive, do we have to get rid of him?  I can't even
bare thinking of all of this, as he snuggles on my tummy purring while I
type.  Any advice, support, guidance is sincerely appreciated.

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