I'm writing this on my phone so limited on what I can write. But everyone of 
course follows their own heart on this. I've been mixing mine for a few years 
As others do with no problem. I think they hype up the contagion something 
terrible.  I just don't think it that contagious. 


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On Dec 6, 2010, at 1:01 PM, "Stephanie \(Merkel\) Sherry" 
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> Hi Everyone,
> I am new to this site and new to the world of FELV.  My husband and I 
> recently 
> took in a stray kitten, Magic, who had been coming into our yard and on our 
> porch.  We've had her inside and separated from our FELV negative cats for 
> six 
> weeks now and love her dearly.
> At her first vet appt about five week ago she tested positive on two 
> different 
> snap tests.  She also recently tested positive on the IFA test.  Magic is 
> about 
> five months old and is healthy (other than FELV), active, growing and gaining 
> weight, loves to play and is the sweetest girl.  For now, she lives in our 
> master bedroom separated from our other cats.
> One of the vets at my practice suggested it was possible to integrate her 
> with 
> our other cats if we had them all vaccinated.  She did tell me that the 
> vaccine 
> isn't 100% so there was some risk to our other cats.  Right now, I do not 
> feel 
> like is the option for me as it doesn't seem fair to expose my FELV negative 
> to 
> cats to the risk of the vaccine itself or exposure to her.  However, I 
> thought I 
> would ask if anyone has gone this route and what their experience has been.  
> The 
> vet who suggested this to me isn't the vet I usually see and I am waiting for 
> my 
> regular vet to come back to work later this week.
> Assuming we don't integrate her with the other cats, she is currently living 
> in 
> our bedroom.  She doesn't seem unhappy and while it's not an ideal set-up for 
> us, it is something we could manage long term.  I struggle with what is fair 
> for 
> her - to stay with us where we love her so much, but her space is limited or 
> to 
> find her a home where she can have more space and possibly time with her 
> owners.  If she stays with us in our bedroom, should we still vaccinate our 
> other cats as a precaution?
> Any thoughts or experience anyone has on either of these issues would be 
> greatly 
> appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Stephanie
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