Hi Stephanie,
I've just joined this group today so I'm not sure if I should be responding to 
this and I'm sure others may have varying opinions on this topic but for me and 
for my own cats, we allow our FeLV +ve kitty to interact with our other cats. 
She is not isolated at all nor did we isolate our previous FeLV +ve cat from 
the others. The others are vaccinated and we have 12 cats all together. They 
were all strays, some were feral and we try to provide them all with the best 
possible life that we can. I think the contagious aspect of FeLV is a bit over 
blown, although obviously not a disease that you want to take lightly. I've 
read differing views on how contagious it is. I've read that it is really only 
a concern if cats are fighting or engaging in mating behavior. I've also read 
that the virus is shed through saliva so even sharing the same water bowl can 
be a danger to the cats who are not FeLV. So I think you can find both ends of 
the spectrum in whatever you read. As with anything you should do what you feel 
is right, keeping in mind that not many people will want to take on a cat who 
is FeLV +ve so finding your new one a new home may not be that easy. Our 
previous cat who was FeLV positive lived with us for 6 years. He was feral so 
we cared for him while he lived outside for 7 years. One day he decided to come 
inside and he never left. We didn't have any problems with him spreading 
anything to the other cats and we're really not all that concerned about our 
newest kitty Eden spreading anything around. She loves the other cats and has 
great fun playing with two of our younger ones, who were feral alley kittens. I 
think it's a very personal choice but whatever you decided to do just know that 
we all do what we feel is right for our own pets and for our individual 
situations and there are no wrong choices when they are made with love and 
> Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2010 11:01:24 -0800
> From: steph.she...@yahoo.com
> To: felvtalk@felineleukemia.org
> Subject: [Felvtalk] Question About Inegrating Positive and Negative Cats
> Hi Everyone,
> I am new to this site and new to the world of FELV.  My husband and I 
> recently 
> took in a stray kitten, Magic, who had been coming into our yard and on our 
> porch.  We've had her inside and separated from our FELV negative cats for 
> six 
> weeks now and love her dearly.
> At her first vet appt about five week ago she tested positive on two 
> different 
> snap tests.  She also recently tested positive on the IFA test.  Magic is 
> about 
> five months old and is healthy (other than FELV), active, growing and gaining 
> weight, loves to play and is the sweetest girl.  For now, she lives in our 
> master bedroom separated from our other cats.
> One of the vets at my practice suggested it was possible to integrate her 
> with 
> our other cats if we had them all vaccinated.  She did tell me that the 
> vaccine 
> isn't 100% so there was some risk to our other cats.  Right now, I do not 
> feel 
> like is the option for me as it doesn't seem fair to expose my FELV negative 
> to 
> cats to the risk of the vaccine itself or exposure to her.  However, I 
> thought I 
> would ask if anyone has gone this route and what their experience has been.  
> The 
> vet who suggested this to me isn't the vet I usually see and I am waiting for 
> my 
> regular vet to come back to work later this week.
> Assuming we don't integrate her with the other cats, she is currently living 
> in 
> our bedroom.  She doesn't seem unhappy and while it's not an ideal set-up for 
> us, it is something we could manage long term.  I struggle with what is fair 
> for 
> her - to stay with us where we love her so much, but her space is limited or 
> to 
> find her a home where she can have more space and possibly time with her 
> owners.  If she stays with us in our bedroom, should we still vaccinate our 
> other cats as a precaution?
> Any thoughts or experience anyone has on either of these issues would be 
> greatly 
> appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Stephanie
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