Please remember that a group of people, especially siblings, argue. It is part of being individuals. If they all got along together all the time and agreed on every thing their lives would be boring.
On Dec 19, 2010, at 12:14 PM, Bonnie Hogue wrote:

Wow, Lorrie, good for you for taking in 14 felines!
I often wonder how these "cat colonies" one reads about manage, for I've never seen a totally peaceful group. In my experience, "everyone finds their spot" where they are comfortable and secure, then that's it. One furry body out of place and the whole bunch get in a tizzy. But, as I told my little clan this morning while it was pouring rain outside, "At least you guys are warm, dry, safe and don't have to hunt for your next meal." So it beats the alternative!
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None of my cats sleep together either. They are affectionate with me,
but not each other. They either ignore each other or have hiss, spit,
yowling arguments along with a few well placed swats at each other.

I wonder if this is because all 14 of my cats were rescues who all
arrived here at different times. None of them were kittens who grew
up together, tho some were kittens when I took them in. The kittens
are accepted better by the others, and the most difficult cats to
introduce are grown males who remain a threat to my other males even
tho they've been neutered immediately.  Our house is large, and they
have plenty of room, toys, climbing trees, cat condos as well as port
holes to three outside enclosures.  You'd think this would make them
happy, but the tension in our household is ongoing, unless all 14
happen to be sleeping at the same time :-(


On 12-15, Bonnie Hogue wrote:
Oh, how I long for a home like yours! I agree about the intro, and
I've tried to "do it right" with everyone.  The most recent one was
Lucky, and he's doing well and seems accepted by all. But there are
tensions, especially between Stormy and the other girl, Miya Chan
(she's a rehabilitated feral).  I think boy cats are mellower, more
accepting.  I would love to see everyone curled up together on the
couch or my bed, or playing together.  Sigh. Thanks for another
perspective! Bonnie

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>Hi Bonnie,
>I must beg to differ that most cats prefer to be the only!  I have
>five male cats (aged fifteen years to six months) in our small
>apartment and they are all best buds.  They rumble and tumble and
>play, and curl up and sleep together when they get tired.  I don't
>think any of them would do well as an only cat.  Most of my
>friends and family also have multiple cats that are great friends.
>It's all about the introduction - a slow, careful introduction of
>a new cat to the resident cats can lead to a very happy
>Just my two cents.

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