Have you looked into homeopathy?    I'm not learnt enough yet to do anything
than point out a possible area to look into.

My situation is my cats aggression ( sounds a lot like yours but not quite
as aggressive with me)  I can trace directly to the presence of the other
cats. She was the first cat. And she's upset I have allowed other cats here
in her space. Poor kitty. Was the cat that is aggressive the first cat

I've only just started looking into it, and I have had very good responses
to hylands bioplasma which a couple of my cats will now eagerly eat out of
my hand,  It definitely calms the cats  (and me) - but I don't think it's
quite enough for an aggression issue like you describe and which I have at
my house, but it might be a start for the kitty household to lower
everyone's stress level.   I previously tried but haven't had  any luck at
all with bach remedies, if your interested in going that route - but maybe
you'll have better luck,

http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/18757/  has a message post about halfway
down the page with a good overview and description of how to choose remedies
for cat aggression. I plan to use that as a starting point for one of my
cats who hates my semi-feral. I recommend googling the solution there which
fits best to make sure they stated  the correct information. And possibly
working with a homeopath, as this is a little confusing to sort out.

Unfortunately, that's all I know so far. Not much. yet. But maybe it will
start you off in a good direction.


On Sun, Dec 19, 2010 at 7:34 PM, LauraM <hingebacktorto...@yahoo.com> wrote:

> I can handle a few spats. I can no longer handle the aggression displayed
> by one of my cats towards several of the others. It's so bad that I'm
> seriously considering  rehoming him into a single-cat household. Blizzard
> will literally try to kill Jet, Percy, Charlie and Tiger. They have to be
> kept separate at all times - Blizzard gets his time out and the other 4 have
> to be shut up in the bathroom. Bliz is fine with most everybody else, but in
> general dislikes other cats. Some nights I am woken up over and over again
> by fights and squabbling, and he is the instigator. I've had him for 2 years
> - I took him from somebody who was being evicted. It's always been a
> problem, but because he gets worked up and can attack people also (I have
> the scars to prove it) I've been reluctant to give him away. I'm afraid he'd
> tick somebody off and wind up in a shelter or thrown outside. If I can't
> find him a home I'll have to build him an outdoor enclosure. My house is
>  small and he can't go into the spare room because I keep baby turtles
> there, and my positives are in the garage.
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