Natalie, I'd like to hear about your method of introductions. 
and I'd love to know how many cats you have. I assume you must
rescue too.

I have what I think is an excellent set up here. I have an entire
little guest cottage attached to our house that has never housed
guests other than cats :-) I have a screen door on the front and a
new cat lives in there for a few weeks while the other cats look at
him/her sniff, hiss etc.  When I finally let the new cat out they
are already well acquainted with my other cats.

I also own a cageless no kill shelter in a large building I bought in
town.  This is also for rescued cats, who can roam through 4 large
rooms furnished second hand furniture, cat condos etc. Oddly enough
the cats there get along fine, so I wonder if my cats at home are
fighting for my attention??  I give them all pets, kisses, bushing
and lap time, but when several cats want to get on my lap at once all
hell breaks loose :-(


>12-19, Natalie wrote:

> We probably have the largest number of cats!  Everyone gets along
> because of the way I introduce new ones.  There are a few cats who
> would love to be the "only" cat, but have learned to co-exist. 
> They know each others' space and respect it.  Once in a while,
> there's a little melee...nothing serious! Some make individual
> friends, others make group friends..a few are loners. They are so
> grateful to have a roof over their heads, a warm dry place to crash
> and plenty of food - some don't even use the outdoor enclosure(s)
> during the warm months!

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