Yes, it's very difficult to deal with, for me and for the other cats. Funny 
though, Blizzard sometimes seems afraid of other cats. For example, yesterday 
several of the cats were clustered around the food bowl with 3 or 4 others 
close by. Bliz wanted to get into the living room, but these cats were in the 
way.  He approached the group and was obviously uncomfortable passing through 
it, so instead he circled around the dog's crate and into the living room, 
giving the group of cats a wide berth. This has happened before; it almost 
appears as if he's intimidated by them, yet he'll walk through the house 
slapping everybody in his path.
I remember my vet telling me about a professor of his in vet school. This 
professor had a client with 2 cats, one submissive and one very aggressive. She 
decided to give the aggressive cat an injection of estrogen, and the submissive 
cat an injection of testosterone. The aggressive cat approached the other one 
and attacked him as usual, even though he probably wasn't feeling quite 
like himself due to the estrogen. The submissive cat then beat the heck out of 
the attacker, and they never had a problem after that!

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Thank God we only have hissing, slapping type fights.  So far.
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> Laura, I feel for you........ I had one like that!  He tore up all my
> other cats, and it got so bad I had to keep him in one section of our
> house. He was about two when we rescued him and we had to do this for
> ten years until he finally got so old he decided he'd rather sleep 
> than fight!
> Lorrie
> > On 12-19, LauraM wrote:
> > I can handle a few spats. I can no longer handle the aggression
> >  displayed by one of my cats towards several of the others. It's so
> >  bad that I'm seriously considering? rehoming him into a single-cat
> >  household. Blizzard will literally try to kill Jet, Percy, Charlie
> >  and Tiger. They have to be kept separate at all times - 
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