Wow, sounds like she has issues- what kind, who knows? 

See if your vet will give you an ace promazine (or something similar) to give 
the cat, so that you can get it in the carrier (provided the woman lets you 
take it anywhere!). Since he's stuck in a room, he can't really hide when the 
sedation starts to take effect. Poor kitty. He sounds absolutely miserable. :-(

Alternatively, I can go to the house and steal the cat for you, if you like... 
(haha! Just kidding ;-))

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An acquaintance in rescue put me in touch with a person whose dying relative 
has a supposed double positive- FeLV and FIV.  She can't take him because of 
the amount of other pets the relative has and will add to her own bunch.  We've 
had a few conversations.  I have been told the following: the kitty hasn't seen 
a vet in 2 yrs, hasn't had a check up in over 4, has always been very thin, 
gets overstimulated, masturbates on his bed (I mention because to me it's 
behavioral/lonely/frustrated); has escaped from the room he's in and never 
attacks the other cats.  The kitty is around 5 or 6 and has been in supposed 
perfect health.  There's never been an IFA or Western Blot.  
I don't feel comfortable bringing a kitty in without some knowledge of their 
health - I offered to pay for a check up and IFA, and said we could certainly 
use their vet.  She mentioned she no longer goes to that vet and didn't know 
'who we could use' but knows some 'dr who can draw blood'. Today she said she 
doesn't want to make that dr mad (?) and wants her permission to do the IFA . I 
offered to send a home visit vet, but she 'doesn't know'.  It's not a problem 
with this home, because I am invited there.

When I offered to take the kitty to a vet myself she said he doesn't like 
carriers and might need a shot to be sedated.  That wasn't mentioned the first 
few conversations.
Stating the obvious, this is not making sense to me.  I know this person is 
overwhelmed with alot of big life issues, and I can appreciate that. BUT.  I am 
going to meet this kitty to see how I can help/what the situation is, but why 
would someone resist this chance for care, even if it doesn't lead to an 
adoption?  She did agree it's possible he'd come up negative, but doesn't know 
about doing this.
I did meet another kitty I know I want to adopt but these illogical 
conversations and this cat have been weighing on my mind and I feel I need to 
see what's going on.  I got the impression there was a problem with the vet she 
originally used, like she can't go back. Most people this deep into rescue have 
a vet or two they know and, what is the real story?  How can I best 
Thanks, I really appreciate any opinions or guidance from all your varied 


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