If he has issues with the carrier, try putting his bed or some familiar thing 
in first.  That might help him feel safer in the carrier.  My go in it, but I 
have 2 who say NO<NO all the way to the vet.  Only on the way home do they sit 
in silence.
---- "POTT wrote: 
> Wow, sounds like she has issues- what kind, who knows? 
> See if your vet will give you an ace promazine (or something similar) to give 
> the cat, so that you can get it in the carrier (provided the woman lets you 
> take it anywhere!). Since he's stuck in a room, he can't really hide when the 
> sedation starts to take effect. Poor kitty. He sounds absolutely miserable. 
> :-(
> Alternatively, I can go to the house and steal the cat for you, if you 
> like... (haha! Just kidding ;-))
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> Subject: [Felvtalk] opinions on strange situation(kitty to adopt)
> An acquaintance in rescue put me in touch with a person whose dying relative 
> has a supposed double positive- FeLV and FIV.  She can't take him because of 
> the amount of other pets the relative has and will add to her own bunch.  
> We've had a few conversations.  I have been told the following: the kitty 
> hasn't seen a vet in 2 yrs, hasn't had a check up in over 4, has always been 
> very thin, gets overstimulated, masturbates on his bed (I mention because to 
> me it's behavioral/lonely/frustrated); has escaped from the room he's in and 
> never attacks the other cats.  The kitty is around 5 or 6 and has been in 
> supposed perfect health.  There's never been an IFA or Western Blot.  
> I don't feel comfortable bringing a kitty in without some knowledge of their 
> health - I offered to pay for a check up and IFA, and said we could certainly 
> use their vet.  She mentioned she no longer goes to that vet and didn't know 
> 'who we could use' but knows some 'dr who can draw blood'. Today she said she 
> doesn't want to make that dr mad (?) and wants her permission to do the IFA . 
> I offered to send a home visit vet, but she 'doesn't know'.  It's not a 
> problem with this home, because I am invited there.
> When I offered to take the kitty to a vet myself she said he doesn't like 
> carriers and might need a shot to be sedated.  That wasn't mentioned the 
> first few conversations.
> Stating the obvious, this is not making sense to me.  I know this person is 
> overwhelmed with alot of big life issues, and I can appreciate that. BUT.  I 
> am going to meet this kitty to see how I can help/what the situation is, but 
> why would someone resist this chance for care, even if it doesn't lead to an 
> adoption?  She did agree it's possible he'd come up negative, but doesn't 
> know about doing this.
> I did meet another kitty I know I want to adopt but these illogical 
> conversations and this cat have been weighing on my mind and I feel I need to 
> see what's going on.  I got the impression there was a problem with the vet 
> she originally used, like she can't go back. Most people this deep into 
> rescue have a vet or two they know and use....so, what is the real story?  
> How can I best help...
> Thanks, I really appreciate any opinions or guidance from all your varied 
> experience.  
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