Yes, humans have negatively impacted the planet in a number of ways, to be sure. And in retrospect, I think my post was inappropriate. My points were only (1) to further encourage folks to keep their cats indoors for (as you point out) "their well-being"; and (2) highlight the incredible number of birds killed by cats each year. The numbers astounded me, which is what motivated the post. I'm a big-time cat lover (just ask my four furry housemates) AND a big-time bird lover. And never the twain shall meet!

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All too true. In Milwaukee, once, I saw a terrified wolf on the downtown
expressway being chased down by law enforcement (I think that ended badly
for the wolf :-() And all along my former bus route between Milwaukee and
Racine you can see deer and wolves in the fields-that-used-to-be-woods that have been displaced by road and building construction. My friend on the west
side of Milwaukee is nervous about taking her dog for a walk at night
because she's near train tracks and coyotes are common along them, now,
having followed the tracks into urban areas looking for food. It's really
nuts the way some idiots build, build, build and then have the nerve to
blame cats for bird depredation. Oh, I know that outside cats account for a considerable number of birds, squirrels, and the like, but humans are a way
bigger threat.

That being said, I am a strong advocate of keeping cats indoors for their

Diane R.

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Sorry but that information is outdated or biased.

The number one killer of birds is humans due to habitat loss or construction
for same.

Humans: The Number One Threat to Birds

SomeWhere Sam

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In the newspaper today:

House cats are the #1 predator of wild birds. The American Bird Conservancy
estimates up to 500 million birds per year are killed by cats.  About
400,000 are killed yearly by wind turbines (less than 20% of the number
killed by cats). So now we have another reason to keep our cats indoors --
not only for their own health and safety, but for that of our BIRD
Save the cats and the birds: Keep Your Cat Indoors!
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