I live in the middle of the woods so we have coyotes, raccoons, and possum all 
around us.  For that reason, I do not let my babies out at night.  They usually 
go out for an hour in the morning and then are content to stay in the rest of 
the day.  Even then, they mostly stay on the deck or very close to the house.  
We have not had a problem so far.  Even when my mountain lion showed up at deer 
season, he never bothered my cats.  I think he was feeding on a couple of bucks 
that hunters wounded and never tracked down to put them out of their misery.  
He usually stays around for 2 or 3 weeks and then moves on.  He crosses our 
road about 50 yards from the house on a deer crossing.  Just in case, the first 
time I see him, I kep the cats in.  Of course, I also keep them in to protect 
them from the hunters.
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> > Yikes!  I don't like those statistics at all but I believe it.
> > 
> > I've been feeding ferals at my office for the last 8 years.  Several months 
> > back I found one dead and half eaten, then another one went missing not too 
> > long after that.  A week or two later I saw a coyote in the parking lot of 
> > the office building next to us.  I work at night a lot so I have more of an 
> > opportunity to see them than some people.  I stopped leaving food out for 
> > my cats at night.  After not seeing the coyote for a while I got back in 
> > the bad habit of leaving cat food out at night.  Just last week I walked 
> > outside about 10 PM and there was the coyote at the food dish, which isn't 
> > too far away from my front door.  The coyote didn't scare me but then I saw 
> > my two remaining semi-feral cats running towards me and realized they had 
> > been close by while the coyote was eating.  I've stopped leaving food out 
> > and hopefully he'll move on.  I'm so scared for my cats at the office.  I 
> > wish that if I left a lot of food out for the coyote he'd stay full and 
> > leave the cats alone.  I don't think it works that way though.  He'll still 
> > want to chase and kill them because of his instinct.
> > 
> > I really wish pet cats could roam outside and enjoy the extra freedom.  But 
> > stuff like this has made me more of an advocate of keeping them indoors all 
> > the time, unless you have a cat fence or something.  Loose dogs have always 
> > been a problem killing cats but I don't remember having a coyote problem as 
> > a kid.
> > 
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> > > Maureen - I am in GA also, and analysis of coyote stomach contents showed 
> > > that something like 60% of them contained cat remains. I suspect that's 
> > > why we have such a coyote "problem," even in the suburbs - they are 
> > > supplied with an endless number of cats as prey - somebody's cat goes 
> > > missing and they just replace it with another one.
> > > 
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