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> Yikes!  I don't like those statistics at all but I believe it.
> I've been feeding ferals at my office for the last 8 years.  Several months 
> back I found one dead and half eaten, then another one went missing not too 
> long after that.  A week or two later I saw a coyote in the parking lot of 
> the office building next to us.  I work at night a lot so I have more of an 
> opportunity to see them than some people.  I stopped leaving food out for my 
> cats at night.  After not seeing the coyote for a while I got back in the bad 
> habit of leaving cat food out at night.  Just last week I walked outside 
> about 10 PM and there was the coyote at the food dish, which isn't too far 
> away from my front door.  The coyote didn't scare me but then I saw my two 
> remaining semi-feral cats running towards me and realized they had been close 
> by while the coyote was eating.  I've stopped leaving food out and hopefully 
> he'll move on.  I'm so scared for my cats at the office.  I wish that if I 
> left a lot of food out for the coyote he'd stay full and leave the cats 
> alone.  I don't think it works that way though.  He'll still want to chase 
> and kill them because of his instinct.
> I really wish pet cats could roam outside and enjoy the extra freedom.  But 
> stuff like this has made me more of an advocate of keeping them indoors all 
> the time, unless you have a cat fence or something.  Loose dogs have always 
> been a problem killing cats but I don't remember having a coyote problem as a 
> kid.

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> > Maureen - I am in GA also, and analysis of coyote stomach contents showed 
> > that something like 60% of them contained cat remains. I suspect that's why 
> > we have such a coyote "problem," even in the suburbs - they are supplied 
> > with an endless number of cats as prey - somebody's cat goes missing and 
> > they just replace it with another one.
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