Many older people are on coumidin and that really makes it bad for them to get 
scratched.  Some cats get carried away with their play so you just need to not 
overstimulate them.  You play hard and they will too.  And then there are some 
that don't play much at all.  They just want to be petted or sit on your lap 
all day.  
Maybe older people should learn as much as possible about their future pets and 
only adopt "gentle" ones.  We just have to use common sense when dealing with 
any animal.  If they growl or flip their tail back and forth or lay back their 
ears, that is a sign that they have had enough.  Then back off and let them be.
---- Lorrie <> wrote: 
> On 03-23, Natalie wrote:
> > I don't understand why an old person can't have a cat with claws. 
> > Dealing mostly with feral cats, I have never been bitten or
> > scratched - what's the danger, I am 70 yrs old.  And as I said,
> > bites are a natural defense for declawed cats!
> I'm 78 and when you're old your skin is very fragile and thin
> and you bleed easily........... That said - I would NEVER NEVER
> declaw a cat.  We have 15 rescued cats at home and sure we get
> scratched when they play or knead us, but so what!  Put some
> iodine on the scratches.
> Lorrie
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