Hi Pam,I have had cats that test positive on the SNAP test, and then again one 
month later.  Two months later the same cats have tested negative and then 
negative again after 6 months and continue to be negative a few years later.  I 
have one cat that still tested positive 6 months later but tested negative 2 
years later, all the while living with positives.There's always hope.El
> Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 09:38:03 -0500
> From: pam_nor...@charter.net
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> Subject: [Felvtalk] Update on Poppy/IFA test
> Test is in from IDEXX.   Poppy is IFA negative!   BUT they did another 
> Elisa (the first was done in-house) & she is still Elisa positive.
> So tell me now what this means.  I have to go off to Madison right now 
> but when I get back I will re-read all the links with this confirmed 
> info in hand.  My woman who is willing to take Poppy into her FeLeuk 
> positive sanctuary, says she will  test positive on the next IFA in a 
> month & all this IFA means is that she does not have melanoma or 
> something else.  My vet is kinda skeptical too.  But you all are the 
> ones who are hands on every day (well, so is my woman with the 
> sanctuary) but I need your input.
> My intention now is to get her to the vet for worming. That wasn't done 
> for some reason.  Will probably try to do that when I transition her out 
> of the condo. Into a crate. Then she will have my spare room, with one 
> hiding place. I have a twin bed in there but am going to take the frame  
> out & put the mattresses on the floor cause I don't want her hiding 
> under the bed in the dark all the time. Same with stuff up against the 
> wall.  There is a low to the floor desk & I guess I will let her have 
> that but will barricade everything else & leave several open crates with 
> towels around also.
> Meanwhile her appetite is very good.
> I KNOW she wants to be with other cats, but I just can't put one of my 
> negative kitties in there. Marie, at the sanctuary, would loan me a nice 
> cat but it would be positive & that would eliminate any little chance 
> Poppy might have.
> Your thoughts, please please.
> Pam
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