Good idea, but no, it was a blood test.  Both Elisas.

On 4/18/2011 4:21 PM, Christiane Biagi wrote:
Just a wild thought... Was the Elisa done by using blood on test strip or
saliva/tears???  Some vets may be still doing saliva/tears test&  its
notorious for being wrong.

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She is not positive on the IFA, she is negative.  An initial positive on the
Elisa&  the another positive on the Elisa, but at the same time, a negative
on the IFA.

On 4/18/2011 1:09 PM, TANYA NOE wrote:
     Positive on IFA means it has reached the bone barrow and there is no
clearing the virus. If she is positive on the snap test again (and it has
been at least 6 weeks since she last tested positive) then she is FeLV
positive, but you need to wait the full 6 weeks to give her body time to
clear the vius. There is still a slight chance she could clear the virus
from her body even if it has been 6 weeks but most likely she will not. I
have spoken with the maker of the snap test because we were always told that
there we a lot of false positives and at my clinic there were probably 2-3
of every 10 tests that were positive, but IDEXX says that the tests are
99.999% accurate.
     Whether you mix or not is completely up to you. We mixed our girls 2
years ago. Since cats over the age of 1-2 years of age begin to develop a
natural immunity and our negative cat is properly vaccinated the risk of the
non-positive contracting FeLV is small. There is still a risk but it is very
     I hope this helps and thanks for taking care of this kitty!!

--- On Mon, 4/18/11, Pam Norman<>   wrote:

From: Pam Norman<>
Subject: [Felvtalk] Update on Poppy/IFA test
Date: Monday, April 18, 2011, 10:38 AM Test is in from
IDEXX.   Poppy is IFA
negative!   BUT they did another Elisa (the
first was done in-house)&   she is still Elisa positive.

So tell me now what this means.  I have to go off to Madison right
now but when I get back I will re-read all the links with this
confirmed info in hand.  My woman who is willing to take Poppy into
her FeLeuk positive sanctuary, says she will  test positive on the
next IFA in a month&   all this IFA means is that she does not have
melanoma or something else.  My vet is kinda skeptical too.  But you
all are the ones who are hands on every day (well, so is my woman
with the sanctuary) but I need your input.

My intention now is to get her to the vet for worming. That wasn't
done for some reason.  Will probably try to do that when I transition
her out of the condo. Into a crate.
Then she will have my spare room, with one hiding place. I have a
twin bed in there but am going to take the frame  out&   put the
mattresses on the floor cause I don't want her hiding under the bed
in the dark all the time. Same with stuff up against the wall.  There
is a low to the floor desk&   I guess I will let her have that but
will barricade everything else&   leave several open crates with
towels around also.

Meanwhile her appetite is very good.

I KNOW she wants to be with other cats, but I just can't put one of
my negative kitties in there. Marie, at the sanctuary, would loan me
a nice cat but it would be positive&   that would eliminate any
little chance Poppy might have.

Your thoughts, please please.

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