Thanks Lynda

I am going to discuss with my vet altho I think I am OK as I have my
negatives tested annually and all have been 'clean' for 2+ years now.


On 4/23/11, Lynda Wilson <> wrote:
> I've heard and read that testing for FeLV using tears and saliva is very
> inaccurate.  Blood test is the only way to go.  Tears and saliva are not as
> sensitive using these samples. I highly recommend using blood to test. Here
> is a link that may help you...your question is answered under "What is a
> leukemia test"?
> I hope your kitty tests negative. I'm experiencing the same right now. My
> cats last exposure was on March 10th. He was unknowingly exposed several
> times over a 6 mo. period. I'm pryaing hard that his immune system has
> cleared the virus and will be fine. I'll know for sure by this June.
> Good luck to you!
> Lynda
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>> In reading thru all this info I see where someone says using
>> tears/saliva to do the ELISA test is notoriously inaccurate?????  My
>> vet has ALWAYS done it with a swab on the inner cheek of the mouth!!!!
>> Do I need to talk to her?????  Why so different if done with blood?
>> Can the same test solutions be used?  She swabs. then puts the swab in
>> a tube with a solution.  We then wait to see if it turns blue.  Blue
>> means positive, staying clear means negative.
>> Would appreciate any info.
>> thanks
>> Kat
>> On 4/18/11, Pam Norman <> wrote:
>>> Test is in from IDEXX.   Poppy is IFA negative!   BUT they did another
>>> Elisa (the first was done in-house) & she is still Elisa positive.
>>> So tell me now what this means.  I have to go off to Madison right now
>>> but when I get back I will re-read all the links with this confirmed
>>> info in hand.  My woman who is willing to take Poppy into her FeLeuk
>>> positive sanctuary, says she will  test positive on the next IFA in a
>>> month & all this IFA means is that she does not have melanoma or
>>> something else.  My vet is kinda skeptical too.  But you all are the
>>> ones who are hands on every day (well, so is my woman with the
>>> sanctuary) but I need your input.
>>> My intention now is to get her to the vet for worming. That wasn't done
>>> for some reason.  Will probably try to do that when I transition her out
>>> of the condo. Into a crate. Then she will have my spare room, with one
>>> hiding place. I have a twin bed in there but am going to take the frame
>>> out & put the mattresses on the floor cause I don't want her hiding
>>> under the bed in the dark all the time. Same with stuff up against the
>>> wall.  There is a low to the floor desk & I guess I will let her have
>>> that but will barricade everything else & leave several open crates with
>>> towels around also.
>>> Meanwhile her appetite is very good.
>>> I KNOW she wants to be with other cats, but I just can't put one of my
>>> negative kitties in there. Marie, at the sanctuary, would loan me a nice
>>> cat but it would be positive & that would eliminate any little chance
>>> Poppy might have.
>>> Your thoughts, please please.
>>> Pam
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