Is the diatomaceous earth product you are talking about the same as what we have to put in our pool? Just wondering. Did I miss something along the way? My apologies if I did.

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Glad to hear of someone that has used the nematodes.  I just sprayed my
little creatures out a week and a half ago so I really really hope it
makes a difference for the fleas.  I don't want to use chemicals if I
don't have to.  I know the nematodes can only survive in shade and
supposedly fleas like the shade and don't hang out in the sun either.
Have you heard that?  But, just in case my fleas are sun lovers I spread
that diatomaceous earth all over my yard yesterday, except in the shade
where I had sprayed the nematodes.  Like I said in that other e-mail,
the DE looks like flour.  So now my whole yard is covered with this
white powder and it looks like a bakery blew up.  Either that or it
looks like a cocaine plant exploded.

How often do you guys spray the nematodes? I heard twice a year would be good enough.

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Zodiak flea and tick products were the real killers of cats and dogs a few
years ago.
Because I am a rescuer and we are housing so many cats all over the house
and garage, feral, semi-feral, and friendly cats - there is NO way that I
could treat each one individually - the cost would be prohibitive.  That's
why my husband uses the friendly nematodes to spray around the house, around
the cat enclosures - it's worked so far.  Rain does affect it to some
degree, but we try to space the spraying right after a rain and not just
before. If I do use any product, it's when a cat is first introduced if it
happens to be flea-ridden, and before a cat is adopted, it's Frontline -
which my vet recommends if one must use something.  That's why I am also
looking for alternatives to frontline, such as the cedar products that I
sent yesterday to the group.  I've heard from others that they are
Flea collars are absolutely useless; they're poisons directly on a cat's
neck all the time, many cats develop baldness and irritation, and you can
still find fleas even under those collars - so what good is it?
The fewer toxins we can use, the better it is for cats' health, especially
those that aren't well, why bombard them with more stuff that their immune
systems can't deal with and need to fight their own illnesses.

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