Do you all have your FeLeuk kitties seen by your regular vets? I talked to a wonderful consulting vet I know re Miss Eleanor (formerly Sabrina) & his first recommendation was Internal Medicine at U of WI, but then said that this would probably not be necessary as long as she is asymptomatic. That regular blood work, every 6 months, would be the main requirement. Certainly hope that is the case as just a couple of visits to UW would be well over $1000!

I would like to combine the services of a good regular vet, which I think I have, altho he freely admits that is practice does not see a lot of FeLeuk kitties - which is probably pretty much the case with all non-specializing vets, I would think, with those of a holistic vet as well. Do any of you do that?

Are any of you in Wisconsin?


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