Yes, an open-minded vet willing to look into new things is key.  CCC has always 
been open to all of the information I've sent them over the years; willing to 
discuss issues etc.  I am also the one who introduced them to Rescue Remedy! :)
 Barb+Smoky the House Puma+El Bandito Malito

"My cat the clown:  paying no mind to whom he should impress.  Merely living 
life, doing what pleases him, and making me smile." 

- Anonymous

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I am in a unique situation. We live on a military base in Japan with limited 
resources.   I take my cats to a general practice Japanese vet. He has kept my 
Fuji alive and healthy for almost a year.  She is FeLV positive with 
Lymphoma. I never had the opportunity to give her supplements or any of the 
other treatments that others use. My own experience had been that a low stress 
environment, attention to the slightest signs of illness, decent food and lots 
and lots of love have been sufficient!  

Of course every cat is different, but it seems as though a regular vet who is 
willing to do a bit of research on occasion is good enough for an asymptomatic 

Melinda, Fuji, and VooDoo

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On Jun 11, 2011, at 11:57 AM, Pam Norman <> wrote:

> Do you all have your FeLeuk kitties seen by your regular vets?  I talked to a 
>wonderful consulting vet I know re Miss Eleanor (formerly Sabrina) & his first 
>recommendation was Internal Medicine at U of WI, but then said that this would 
>probably not be necessary as long as she is asymptomatic.  That regular blood 
>work, every 6 months, would be the main requirement.  Certainly hope that is 
>case as just a couple of visits to UW would be well over $1000!
> I would like to combine the services  of a good regular vet, which I think I 
>have, altho he freely admits that is practice does not see a lot of FeLeuk 
>kitties - which is probably pretty much the case with all non-specializing 
>I would think, with those of a holistic vet as well. Do any of you do that?
> Are any of you in Wisconsin?
> Pam
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