Beth, I agree.  I only use the larger ER group when I have an emergency late at 
night or on weekends.  They are ok, nice, but just do not know each cat's 
personality and ractions to sounds and movements.
---- Beth Noren <> wrote: 
> Hi Pam,
> I think a good regular vet who is willing to listen is the absolute
> best kind.  I've tried another vet with a larger 24 hour practice who
> has pioneered some procedures. He was a mean, nasty ego-maniac.  I
> much prefer a smaller practice where they can spend time to get to
> really know you and your cat, even if they don't see a lot of FeLV.
> I have also used some specialists when needed, and they have are nice,
> but very busy and probably don't remember me or my cats in 6 months.
> Like the difference between a family doctor and a brain surgeon.  I
> would use U of WI as a specialist, and stick with the good regular vet
> for everything you and he feel comfortable tackling.  Hopefully it
> won't be much, my positives only health issue before the end was a
> bladder problem unrelated to his FeLV.  I know some others here will
> be able to offer advice on holistic vets, I've never used one for my
> cats.  I guess my only concern would be to keep the regular vet
> informed of any supplements or treatments that the other one provides,
> as I think it is really important that they have a complete picture of
> what is happening with their patient.
> Best wishes,
> Beth N.
> On Fri, Jun 10, 2011 at 10:57 PM, Pam Norman <> wrote:
> > Do you all have your FeLeuk kitties seen by your regular vets?  I talked to
> > a wonderful consulting vet I know re Miss Eleanor (formerly Sabrina) & his
> > first recommendation was Internal Medicine at U of WI, but then said that
> > this would probably not be necessary as long as she is asymptomatic.  That
> > regular blood work, every 6 months, would be the main requirement.
> >  Certainly hope that is the case as just a couple of visits to UW would be
> > well over $1000!
> >
> > I would like to combine the services  of a good regular vet, which I think I
> > have, altho he freely admits that is practice does not see a lot of FeLeuk
> > kitties - which is probably pretty much the case with all non-specializing
> > vets, I would think, with those of a holistic vet as well. Do any of you do
> > that?
> >
> > Are any of you in Wisconsin?
> >
> > Pam
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