My mother was a nurse and a sales rep once told her that it is te same, they 
just put different labels on the bottles.
The only tme I went to the dr for a cat bite was ehn Moses, a neighbor's cat 
came courting my girls who have been spayed.  He thought my Harley was moving 
in on his territory and leaped at him.  Of course, I grabbed Harley to save him 
and I got bit on the back of my hand.  Don't think I had to worry about 
infection, blood was spurtijng all over the place.  I let it bleed out a bit, 
rinsed with peroxide, put a pressue bandage on it and went to the ER.  Of 
course, I had to find Moses and be sure he was okay, but everything turned out 
well.  All they did at the ER was tell me I did a good job of bandaging it, 
gave me a couple of antibiotic pills and sent me home.  Next time, I will go 
back to peroxide, vitamin E oil and lavendar and save myself the cost of and ER 
visit and an all night stand in their waiting room.
---- Lorrie <> wrote: 
> On 07-07, Cindy McHugh wrote:
> > Hi Kat,
> > 
> > I don't know about buying it in Mexico, but when I had an infected tooth 
> > recently, I did some research and ordered Fish Mox online. From everything 
> > I read, it's the same stuff that's prescribed by doctors and vets.  Oddly 
> > enough, if my pets are sick, I won't take a chance and I take them to the 
> > vet, but for myself, I'm willing to compromise a bit.
> > 
> > Cindy
> I can identify with that Cindy.  I recently got a bad cat bite and
> used large dog size Clavamox. It is the exact same thing as human
> Augmentin, which is the antibiotic recommended for cat bites. My arm
> was all swollen up after the bite but the Clavamox worked great and I
> saved money on a doctor bill and the Augmentin.  The last time I was
> bitten it cost me $95. for the doctor and $45. for the Augmentin. 
> Animal and vet meds are usually the same, but have different names,
> so the trick is knowing which is which, what works, and how much to
> take for how long.
> Lorrie
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