All of these egulations, etc. are making someone money somewere.  It is 
protecting th US coporations who would loose mooney for one and I am sure 
someone else is lning his/her pockets.  Just as with human meds.  And then, 
after all that research even tho it is harmful to the consumer, the FDA takes 
the word of the manufacturer and alows distribution.  Otherwise, why are we 
having so many recalls of drugs found to cause suffering and death.  When I 
check into Meds that my dr has prescribed for me, I often find they can cause 
cancer specifically Lymphoma which I recently had and after years of chemo 
which failed I went into spontaneous remision.  Why would I want to take them 
and have to deal with all that again?  My oncologist has said that if it came 
back (been 7 years) she would be willing to monitor my blood  and assist me in 
a course of healthy eating, vitamins and minerals.  I refuse to go thru chemo 
again.  You may as well be dead.
---- Ben Williams <> wrote: 
> You know, I've thought a lot about things that could make a difference and
> the most important thing that could change right now is the lack of
> availability of Virbagen Interferon Omega in the United States.  Why in the
> world does it make any sense for the FDA to require millions of dollars
> worth of peer reviewed studies to be undertaken for US approval on a drug
> that has been effectively saving cat's lives for almost a decade everywhere
> else in the world and has been used in hundreds of foreign studies.
> Interferon Omega would have probably saved Dexter's life, plain and simple.
> However, I can't get a drug for him (that has absolutely no abuse potential
> in humans, by the way) unless I go through a 2 month process with the DEA
> and FDA that will only result in a guarantee that any overnight package from
> Europe that contains the medication that I've been given permission to
> import, will be seized and held for months, only to lose its refrigeration
> and spoil.  This is, of course, after I've spent about $1200 for the honor.
> So, I suggest that we all start calling and writing our congress-people and
> senators and demanding an immediate provisional approval be given for
> Virbagen Interferon Omega to be sold in the US.  Heck, it's practically a
> cure for FiP as well!
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