I could join you on your soapbox.  I think the cruelty and inhumane
treatment farm animals get is absolutely horrendous.


On 08-24, Marcia Baronda wrote:
>    I  think  that only one of Cargills slaughter houses uses her methods.
>    And  Temple  said in one of her books that she felt bad about building
>    something  to send animals to their death. But more or less that if it
>    is  going to happen, it would help their state of mind. Another reason
>    for  this  is to benefit humans because the hormones that produce fear
>    in  the animals remain in the slaughtered meat.....believe me, I don't
>    agree  with  any kind of slaughter. I don't think we have the right to
>    say  what  another beings life is here for...I mean to serve us.I find
>    it  very egotistical. when people saysomething to me about that's what
>    they're  here  for,  I  just tell them that someone forgot to tell the
>    cows that. (I live in Kansas...a lot of cattle people here).  I better
>    get  off  this subject...because it is a big issue with me and I could
>    go on and on..Ok Done!!

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