Bow hunting is CRUEL. It often leaves the poor animal in agony and it dies a
slow painful death.  We had a buck dying in our yard last winter, and we had
to call for someone to put it out of it's misery.  It was horrible and I was
upset for weeks. I still can't stand to think about it.

Hunters don't kill only for food. They also take the very best bucks who
should be left to reproduce. I am so sick of hearing jerks say they are
killing deer to keep them from starving.  BS..... They kill for fun!

On 10-02, Joslin Potter wrote:
>    I agree with you, but what would happen if we didn't have a hunting
>    season, do you think they would not still reproduce like they do now?
>    To each their own, again, I'm just thankful for the life of a deer, and
>    the people who do purchase linceses as this money is put back into the
>    wild life. The funding from licenses and tags is used to insure a
>    healthy population of wildlife in the states, including the DNR to
>    enforce the rules... I take it you don't eat meat Natalie?

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