Many mothers (human mothers) are not vaccinating their children
due to reactions such as you had.  Both my daughters refuse to vaccinate
their kids and one of my grandsons got Whooping Cough two years ago. 
The doctor didn't even recognize it because they see so little, if any,
of these old childhood diseases now.  As an older woman I immediately
recognized the disease and my grandson did recover just fine.


On 10-06, Lee Evans wrote:
>    This is just an opinion stemming from a human experience with
>    vaccinations.  I almost died from the whooping cough vaccination when I
>    was 9 years old.  Again, when the Salk vaccine came out, my father, a
>    physician gave me the anti-polio vaccination.  Now, I do approve of
>    polio vaccinations since it's such a dread disease and the vaccination
>    did almost completely wipe it out in the USA. 

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