Hey all, I've been a lurker here for quite a while - lost a batch of yearlings 
to FeLV about a year ago, and your advice has taught me quite a bit about 
treatment of young cats that came up positive. 

I've been lucky in that most of my kitten rescues turned out negative, but I am 
working with several who are pos and will probably never go neg  - it sucks - 
why are the sweetest ones always pos?! 

Anyway, I've become overwhelmed with the sheer number of kitties that I'm 
dealing with (24) and even though I've been working with The Brookhaven Animal 
Alliance to get them all fixed, I'm at my wits end. I'm trying to find foster 
parents for at least six little darling 7 month old ragdoll kittens. Some are 
loners and can go on their own, others could be paired for comfort...they are 
all indoor-outdoor cats (they have a kitty-run on my deck outside) and every 
one of them is a love. 

Does anyone know of anybody doing fostering in my area (Suffolk County) and 
could you please let me know their contact info? I have tried asking some of 
the gals that I know, and they are booked up solid. 
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