Actually, people started eating meat when the Ice Age came, they had to
become hunters because they used to be mostly gatherers when the climate was
conducive, and I'm sure that occasionally, they would hunt, too.

There are people who actually live on only raw foods, fruit.  Some of the
Hunzas manage to survive on just "energy" - not sure how that works, mind
over matter?  Actually, people in jungles could very easily be vegan most of
the time because of all the available fruit.

As you may know, our intestines are extremely long, whereas true carnivores'
are very short. In a nutshell: Carnivores also have stronger digestive acids
and the food moves very quickly through the intestines, in about 12 hrs.
Food can be inside our intestines, putrefying  as long as 36 hours, and with
weaker digestive juices. 


If things go as they are on this planet, something will seriously have to
change - rearing animals for food is not effective to feed the masses and
also destroys the planet in more ways than one.

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That is pretty insane that they all had to die. BTW, I find it interesting
that now people are against eating plants, how do these people live? What do
they eat? & your right people are not going to stop eating meat, people have
been eating meat since the dark ages, Tribes that still live in the jungles
how would they survive? People who depend on the land for food? 

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