I don't think 4H is that bad, is a great way for agriculture’s future leaders 
to learn first-hand the ins and outs of the livestock business, and it’s an 
outstanding activity to keep young people busy, engaged and out of trouble in 
the summer months, most state fairs are family events, they have contests, and 
it's hard work. I know a lot of the local farmers in my area use it as an 
advantage to buy cattle and sell them as well. Plus, they are always cleaning 
up after these animals at the fairs, I mean they are on show you know? I guess 
it's all about how you raise your kids. My girlfriend always raised chickens 
for the county fairs and at the end of the season the chicken would become 
dinner or into the freezer. I know this sounds gruesome but the logic was it 
was "home grown" without chemicals, and the chicken is food. 

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That's exactly how I feel about the 4-H Club!~ It totally tries to desensitize 
children's feelings for animals!

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I am in a rural area and they all think I am crazy because I have 7 cats and 
think they have rights.  I don't think i could ever be a successful farmer 
because I would have to kill the animals.  One look in their eyes and that 
would be it for me.  These animals are raised to trust us for food and care and 
then one day we kill them plus the treatment they get from some while being 
raised for the slaughter is deploreable. At least when you meet a lion, 
buffalo, sow with babies, you know what to expect and if you are smart, you 
turn tail and run for shelter.  That is why I am not too keen on 4H.  They hand 
raise the animal, groom it and almost turn it into a pet and then after the 
fair, it is sold to someone for slaughter.  A betrayal is ever I saw one.

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