World's Best at Tractor Supply runs around $14.00 per bag.  But it does last 
longer than the clay, is biodegradeable and weighs a lot less so I don't get a 
hernia bringing it in the house.  I scoop 2 times a day and add new only when 
the box gets low so it lasts a lot longer and it seems to track less than the 
clay and does not irritate my nose like clay dust does.  I have tracking only 
because of Dee, she is an overachiever wehn it comes ot covering.  She even 
goes in the box and covers after others who she does not considerto have done a 
good job.  Harley on the other hand does his thing and does not cover at all.  
Dee does it for him.  I do let them out in early am and early afternoon.  I 
live in the middle of the woods so no people problem, just critters and if they 
are not out at night, don't have that problem.  They usually stay out for 2 - 3 
hours and most of that time are on the deck soaking up the sun.  This helps 
some on the litter problem as we do love dry leaves.
---- Amanda Vollaro <> wrote: 
> I, too have 7 boxes: 3 large, 2 medium, and 2 small ones.
> Does the bag of corn replace all of the litter in your boxes?
> Oh, and about how much is it by you? I can't afford anything really 
> expensive, but I'm spending $20 a week now to replace the Tidy Cats 
> Scoopable that I'm using. Add the cost of both dry and wet cat food, and I'm 
> running up a bill that's about $100 per week!
> Argh.
> Amanda Vollaro
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> > -Try World's Best liter, based on corn.  If you scoop daily, it will last 
> > a long time.  I have 7 liter boxes and only buy 1 bag every other month, 
> > maybe more in rainy/snowy weather.  Course my guys go out for a couple of 
> > hours in early am and early afternoon.  We much prefer dry leaves and 
> > dirt.
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