I just looked up the stats for 2011 for Animal Care Services, our city run 
"shelter".  Well, they are better than 10 years ago when ACS was killing over 
50,000 a year, with the breakdown of 18,000+ cats and the rest dogs. So we can 
be called a "less kill" city.  But far from anything logical. In 2011 they 
killed 21,822 of which 6,813 were cats.  This year's funding (2012) is about 
$9.3 million wasted dollars.  The sad thing is that we could be no-kill in 
about a year, maybe 2 at the most with the proper advertising and expenditure 
of funds.  

Right now TNR is allowed but it is not funded by the City.  Right now we have a 
grant from Best Friends for free and low cost spay/neuter, but only in certain 
zip codes.  What would be needed is about a dozen mobile clinics to be 
circulating in all the neighborhoods at all times, a mass teaching effort to 
have people trap and bring feral cats and owned dogs to the clinic for FREE 
spay and neuter operations.  

An ordinance requiring apartment building owners and duplex owners to write 
into the leases of the tenants a spay/neuter clause that no one gets to rent an 
apartment if their pet is not spayed/neutered and proof shown to the 
manager/owner.  A whole lot of stray cats and dogs come from tenants who 
abandon their pets when they move to another apartment or whose pets go outside 
and get lost and pregnant.  If they abandon a spayed/neutered pet, that's only 
one animal put out.  If the animal isn't fixed, it's dozens of future animals 
born from that one animal.  This is a REAL problem and leads management to call 
Animal Control to clean up the mess and kill the animals. Meanwhile feeders are 
trying to do TNR under the radar because management hasn't gotten educated that 
TNR actually helps the problem not increases it.  

Since most people work outside of their home or during set hours of day, it 
would make more sense to have the free and low cost clinics open during the 
evening to late evening - from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM for intake with operations 
done during the morning and animal pick up in the next evening, same hours as 
intake, and regular hours on weekends, Saturday and Sunday during the day.  At 
least something more logical than rushing around at 6:00 AM to get the cat to 
the clinic, the kids to school or daycare and the adult to work.  Then 
reversing it to pick up the kid at daycare or school, and the adult to the 
clinic before it closes to get the cat.

The technology is available but the intelligence and sense to use it seems to 
be lacking in people we put in positions of authority. Shelters have become big 
business.  Even prisons are becoming big business. So the fact that more and 
more illogical laws are passed putting people behind bars doesn't bother  our 
government because it's "good for business".  Having too many kids is big 
business because it sells more diapers, more toys, more kids clothes, more 
cribs, etc..  Even being sick is big business so hospitals are allowed to raise 
rates, more tests than are needed are done. More animals are killed testing new 
drugs that could be tested in half the time using upgraded technology.  Sigh.  
I need to get off this Soap Box and go clean the litter boxes.

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 

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Yes, per Gavin Nicols' comment on http://www.no-killnews.com/?p=3935 San 
Antonio is nowhere near No Kill (90%+), even if they considered FIV+/Felv+ cats 
healthy, which you indicate they don't: ``For 2012 Fiscal Year to Date, the 
healthy and treatable dogs and cats make up 76% of total intake (in 2011, 
healthy and treatable was 66% of total intake).''  This is an issue that needs 
to be discussed in the No Kill community.
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