Take care. I know this was a hard lesson to learn, but thank you for trying to 
save River from a life on the street. Maybe your voice will change some things 
at the shelter.


Don't Litter, Fix Your Critter! www.Furkids.org

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Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] "No-kill" animal shelter killing FeLV+ cat

Hello again,
I am sorry I was out of reach for a while. I sincerely would like to thank each 
and every one of you who took time to read my emails, and took time to gave me 
valuable information. It meant a lot to me.
Thank you all, 


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Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] "No-kill" animal shelter killing FeLV+ cat

Yes, per Gavin Nicols' comment on http://www.no-killnews.com/?p=3935 San 
Antonio is nowhere near No Kill (90%+), even if they considered FIV+/Felv+ cats 
healthy, which you indicate they don't: ``For 2012 Fiscal Year to Date, the 
healthy and treatable dogs and cats make up 76% of total intake (in 2011, 
healthy and treatable was 66% of total intake).''  This is an issue that needs 
to be discussed in the No Kill community.

On Tue, Oct 16, 2012 at 4:15 PM, Lee Evans <moonsiste...@yahoo.com> wrote:

Beth, How wonderful you are.  I had a similar but happier experience.  I was 
known in my city as a rescuer and am on the Board of an animal rights 
organization.  However, I surrendered many cats to the Humane Society, a 
supposedly no-kill shelter in San Antonio, Tx.  Whenever I filled out the 
surrender form, I always added that the cat must be returned to me for any 
reason at any time, whether it was FIV or FeLv or some other situation that 
made the cat unadoptable.  I put it all over the form, told the intake people 
and they agreed.  I knew that they killed FIV+ and FeLv+ cats without asking 
questions.  Most people don't realize this or just don't care as long as they 
can tell themselves that they did their best for the cat.  In addition, the HS 
allows anyone to visit with the cats in visitation rooms, small cubicles with 
cat toys where the cats can be handled and potential adopters can get to know 
them.  This shelter is better than most
 because their intake form does have a place to state that the people 
surrendering the cat can have him/her back in case of something that makes the 
cat unadoptable.  Anyway, one evening the supervising intake person called me.  
She was near tears.  I hadn't surrendered any cats so I wondered what was 
wrong.  She said that they had gotten in two young, gorgeous cats who had 
tested FIV+ and she was ordered to have them euthanized the next day.  She 
asked me if I would foster, since she knew I did not euthanize FIV+ cats.  I 
had none at the time, but I had about 20 other cats.  So I told her that if she 
took the two cats who were occupying my spare room at that time and who tested 
negative for everything, were already fixed and had their rabies shots I would 
take the FIV+ cats.  The exchange was made before the shelter opened the next 
day.  This was entirely against the rules but no one complained.  I got Sugar 
Plum Fairy, a lovely blue-eyed
 white cat who was NOT deaf and Sir Walter, a husky, healthy tabby and white 
boy.  Both were fixed and had their rabies shots.  That was about 7 years ago. 
I named the white one Sugar Plum Fairy and the tabby and white Sir Walter 
because he looked regal. Sugar Plum Fairy is still with me along with 4 other 
FIV+ cats who live in separate quarters from my main group.  Sir Walter passed 
a month ago from kidney cancer.  Up until a month before he passed, he was a 
happy, overweight puss with an attitude.  Sugar is fine because she has other 
companions.  I also have two FIV+ cats mixed in with my main group because they 
are lay back non-fighters who get along with everyone.  No kill shelters are 
becoming much more aware that FIV and FeLv do not have to be a death sentence 
for cats surrendered to them.  It's so awful that Alev had such a painful 
experience.  This used to be the norm in this country but things are slowly 
changing.  We always have to
 speak up for the cats and make sure that we have an understanding when we 
surrender one to a shelter that they will return the cat if anything is wrong.  
Get it in writing and call frequently, visit frequently if you can to see how 
your cat is doing.  The two who were exchanged for Sugar and Wally got adopted 
within two weeks of arriving at the shelter.  FIV is not contagious unless the 
cats get into a major biting and fighting situation.  Most FIV+ cats who are 
neutered do not bite and fight since this is behavior during mating season.  
However, the five cats I have in my special FIV section exhibited some left 
over hostility tendencies from their pre-neuter days.  That's why they are 
separate from my main group.  The two who are mixed in never exhibited even a 
hiss at anyone.
>Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty 
>neighbors too!
Go Get a Life---Go Get a Shelter Animal!

If you can't adopt, then foster "bottle baby" shelter animal, to save their 
life.  Contact your local pound for information. 

If you can't bottle feed, foster an older animal, to save their life, and to 
free up cage space.

Ask your local animal pound to start saving over 90% of their intake by 
implementing the No Kill Equation: http://www.nokilladvocacycenter.org/

Here's the current growing list of true No Kill communities: 
http://www.no-killnews.com/ (see the right sidebar)

Legislate better animal pound conditions: http://www.rescue50.org/

More fun reading: http://www.nokilladvocacycenter.org/shelter-reform/guides/

More fun watching: 
http://vimeo.com/nokill/videos especially http://vimeo.com/48445902

Local feral cat crisis?   See Alley Cat Allies' for how to 
respond: http://www.alleycat.org/page.aspx?pid=537

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