I also worry about cedar, it's toxic to small animals livers.

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> Watch them for Panleuk symptoms: depression, hanging head (most of the time, 
> not just over the food/water bowl), loose/watery stools, vomitting, low 
> energy.
> If they are throwing up just bile, then they are just hungry.   Can you 
> syringe some baby food into them to get them started eating again?   What are 
> you feeding?   If dry, switch to raw or healthy wet, such as Merrick's Before 
> Grain (plus 5% canned unspiced pumpkin).   You can also mix up half and half 
> goat milk and wet food.
> I don't let my cats get around pine/cedar litter because of the phenols in 
> pine, which can be toxic to cat livers.  Supposedly, this is taken care of in 
> cat litters, but if it makes my bladder disease worse, then I don't subject 
> cats to it, either.  Not to mention this stuff is scented, to boot.
> Use disposable gloves when handling the kittens.
> On Sun, Nov 4, 2012 at 11:41 AM, Martha Walton <marthawal...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I am kitten-sitting two kittens this weekend for a friend.  The kittens ate 
>> well for the first two days, but yesterday they turned their nose up at 
>> food.  Today neither kitten is eating and they are both throwing up water.  
>> Yesterday one of the kittens had diarrhea.  Neither has done #2 today.  Both 
>> kittens are playful, drinking water and alert, but I am very worried about 
>> them not eating.  I have called their owner and left a message about the 
>> vomiting.  
>> The owner says that both kittens have been tested for "all diseases".  I 
>> have not let the kittens have contact with my 5 house-cats.  Today one of my 
>> cats had some diarrhea, so I am hoping that the kittens are not getting my 
>> cats sick..
>> Any suggestions?  The kittens go back to their house tomorrow at 10:00am.
>> I am using Tidy Cats Pure Nature for their cat litter.
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