Laura. I'm afraid with a positive IFA test there isn't a chance Dani will shed 
the virus.  Here is the link to a chart that explains the meaning of the test 
I have rescued several FeLV kittens.  They lived from 1-4 yrs.  I didn't find 
supplements helpful but others may have had better luck.  Many FeLV kitties on 
this list have lived for several years.
You are already on top of what will be best for Dani - good food, lots of love 
and a stress free environment.  Try to stay on top of any health issues.  Since 
her immune system is compromised she may be more susceptible to URIs, etc.
By the way I had all my FeLV babies spayed or neutered.  I felt it was more 
stressful for them if left unfixed.  
It broke my heart when I lost each of them but I would change what I did.  Each 
was special and brought joy to my heart.  My other rescues were adults.  I had 
them all vaccinated for FeLV and let my positives have the run of the house.  
With 17 other cats that may be hard for you to do.  
Bless you for caring and giving Dani a home

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I am new to this group--and new to FeLV. I just took in an FeLV+ kitty from the 
shelter where I am a volunteer.Her name is Dani and she is beautiful. Long 
story short, she and her three siblings were found outside in a box when they 
were about a week old. They came to the shelter and tested positive for FeLV 
(ELISA).  They were retested and again it was positive. At 9 weeks,they had an 
IFA test, all positive. During this time, they were bottle fed until about 8 
weeks, shuttled to and from the shelter by a staff member. They were also 
treated for URIswith azithromycin. The shelter cultures all incoming cats for 
ringworm and unfortunately theirs came back positive, so they were dipped in 
lyme a couple of times a week for a while and put on Itraconazole. Dani took 
longer to shake it off and so was completely alone for some time. During their 
time at the shelter they were vaccinated with 2 rounds of FVRCP, a rabies 
vaccine and spayed/neutered. Sadly, Dani's
 littermates all came down with different issues(I don't know all the details, 
but I know the vet suspected FIP) and were euthanized. Little Dani was left 
alone, in a bathroom with no windows, and not many visitors. The second I found 
out about her, I set up thesun room off my bedroom (it was unheated but fixed 
that fast) and took her home. 

Anyway, I wanted to give the whole background so you know just how much she has 
been through in her short life. While even here it is not optimal--she is 
isolated--it is so much better than being stuck in the stuffy bathroom. Here, 
she bird watches, has a ton of toys, a much better diet and a ton of cuddles 
(though not as much as I wish. I have 17 other cats.) 

I have two big questions: is it possible for her to become negative with a 
positive IFA result at 9 weeks? And, second: how do I best care for her? I have 
her on a high quality canned only diet (wellness and weruva--no fish) and 
minimize stress as much as possible. Are there supplements I should be giving? 
Are NuCat vitamins recommended? Are my food choices OK for her?  I will never 
vaccinate or even take her to a vet (I'd have one come to me if necessary to 
minimize stress.) I feel terrible she is alone alot of the timeand I have 
thought about bringing in another young FeLV + kitty for her, but I am worried 
about causing stress, having it backfire. Ihave all the patience in the world 
when it comes to having cats work out issues, but I'm also very careful when 
bringing in a new cat, quarantining for a couple of weeks, letting her explore 
while I put othersin other rooms, etc. But I wouldn't have that ability to do 
so with a companion for Dani as I
 literally don't have any rooms left. 

Sorry for such a long post! I really want to do right by her. I love her to 

Thank you!

Laura and Dani girl

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