And this is also our reward.  They enrich our lives every minute of their lives.

---- Lorrie <> wrote: 
> Dear Laura,
> Thank you for giving Dani a chance for life.  I also have a lot
> of cats (15 at home)  plus a FelV sanctuary in my building in
> town.  Sometimes these FelV kittens can live long lives, and others
> will die.  I have found there is really nothing you can do to cure
> the cat of FelV, but some will throw off the virus when they have
> lots of love, a good diet, and no stress. I do not believe in heroic
> measures or invasive proceedures.
> In July I took in a litter of 4 FelV kittens, and they were happy
> playful babies until November when one of my calico girls named
> Molly died of anemia.  Her calico sister Maggie died of the same 
> thing one month later. Now their brother, a precious silver tabby
> male, Willie, my very favorite, is becoming anemic and soon there 
> will only be one left from this litter.  It is heart breaking each 
> time I lose one, but we gave them a wonderful home and lots of love 
> during their short lives and this is my consolation.
> Lorrie
> >    Hi everyone,
> >    I am new to this group--and new to FeLV. I just took in an FeLV+ kitty
> >    from the shelter where I am a volunteer. Her name is Dani............
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