I would worry less about the kitties than about you.  Just keep an eye on
that wound.  I've been bitten a number of times but both times I got bit by
my late great Little Boy, I ended up overnight in the hospital for iv
antibiotics.  Cats sometimes have a bacteria in their mouth which can be
very toxic to humans and my Little Boy had those buggers.  If you see a thin
red line starting up your arm, go to dr/hospital immediately.  They put u in
to give u iv antibiotics-oral won't work.  They asked me if cats had rabies
vacc and I said yes and that was that-never asked for proof or anything.  It
would have been more serious as far as Health Dept if it was a stray cat,
not one of my own.  But an inside, owned cat-I doubt they'll even relate.


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I wouldn't worry too much, Lance. Sounds like you got the major part of the
beating and the two girls are probably laughing at you. Even if fur flew,
Callie has been around for a while, well fed, in good shape. In about 2 to 4
weeks you can test her. If negative, then pack up your worries. If positive,
she may throw it off. I have had 3 underweight, street adults who threw it
off. Make sure that finger doesn't get red and inflamed and make sure the
inflammation does not travel down your hand. Don't be shy about seeing a
doctor but don't tell it's a cat bite, because your doctor may feel
obligated to report the animal bite. If this happens, you will then have
your animal control on your back.  They could actually take away your two
cats for "observation". Stupid things like that happen here in Texas.
Sending positive energy from the Universe. And hugs for the two contenders.



Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty
neighbors too!



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Hi everyone,

I wanted to ask for prayers and warm thoughts for my FeLV+ girl, Ember as
well as my mother's (hopefully) negative cat, Callie. Somehow, Callie got
into Ember's room, not once, but twice. The first time only lasted for a few
minutes, but I discovered a terrible cat fight in progress when I got back
upstairs. To disrupt the chase, I grabbed Callie to remove her from the
room. I got a bloody finger with three puncture marks in the process.

Later, I realized I should really get abx for the bite, so my dad took me to
the doctor. We were gone about an hour. When I got back, I was saddened to
find that I had stupidly managed to not completely close one of the doors to
our rooms, and Callie had again gotten in. I don't know that the cats fought
the second time. I think Callie might have explored the normally off limits
rooms. I found Ember hiding but unshaken behind some clothes, and Callie
didn't act like she was on edge, but I have no idea what happened. 

Needless to say, I'm very concerned about Callie's possible exposure to the
virus. We've had a few run-ns over the last seven years, but nothing like
the fight/chase I broke up today. My hope is that Callie being seven years
old puts her at low risk for infection. She hasn't had any recent vax for
FeLV, but she had the FeLV (including booster) when she was a kitten. She
also seems very healthy. 

There was actually more tough cat stuff today involving a 17 yro diabetic
who had to go for a dental (this ended on a good note), and my usual
concerns about Ember. The radiologist hasn't contacted the surgeon after
almost a week, and Ember probably needs surgical intervention for her
diaphragmatic hernia.

Please think of the two girls.

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