Lance,  Callie will probably be just fine. It takes a lot of exposure to
FelV for a cat to get it and grown cats mixed with FelV cats usually don't
become positive even without being vaccinated. It is kittens who are in
danger, as their immune systems are not well developed.


On 06-04, Lance wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I wanted to ask for prayers and warm thoughts for my FeLV+ girl, Ember as
> well as my mother's (hopefully) negative cat, Callie. Somehow, Callie got
> into Ember's room, not once, but twice. The first time only lasted for a
> few minutes, but I discovered a terrible cat fight in progress when I got
> back upstairs. To disrupt the chase, I grabbed Callie to remove her from
> the room. I got a bloody finger with three puncture marks in the process.
> Later, I realized I should really get abx for the bite, so my dad took me
> to the doctor. We were gone about an hour. When I got back, I was saddened
> to find that I had stupidly managed to not completely close one of the
> doors to our rooms, and Callie had again gotten in. I don't know that the
> cats fought the second time. I think Callie might have explored the
> normally off limits rooms. I found Ember hiding but unshaken behind some
> clothes, and Callie didn't act like she was on edge, but I have no idea
> what happened.
> Needless to say, I'm very concerned about Callie's possible exposure to
> the virus. We've had a few run-ns over the last seven years, but nothing
> like the fight/chase I broke up today. My hope is that Callie being seven
> years old puts her at low risk for infection. She hasn't had any recent
> vax for FeLV, but she had the FeLV (including booster) when she was a
> kitten. She also seems very healthy.

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