Amanda, My thoughts are with you, because I have had many FelV cats over the
years. Once this virus is in their bone marrow they will not produce enough
red blood cells, and death is inevitable.  Her vital organs will shut down
and she will slowly suffocate. A transfusion will only buy her a few weeks if
that long.  Gentle euthanasia is the only option. I am so sorry, but this is
the kindest thing you can do for her.


On 06-25, Amanda K. Payne wrote:
>    Thank you everyone!!  As you can imagine, I'm a wreck over it.  I'm
>    also housesitting at the moment and can't be with her at night.  Though
>    she's with my boyfriend who loves her dearly, I feel awful that I'm not
>    there to comfort her. Over the last ten years, I've had my cats die
>    from FeLV, FIP and now Polli is also deathly ill with FeLV.  

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