Hi Marcy,


            Sorry to hear Charles is having problems. In an FeLV positive boy, my first thought is lymphoma. While it isnt always FeLV related, the possiblity is there. I'd suggest joining the feline lymphoma list




             and getting familiar with what you may be up against. Since Charles has not been formally diagnosed, it could be anything, so this would just be a way to learn of the different ways to diagnose and treat certain tumors. Here's a pretty concise description of the different ways lymphoma can manifest;




              I will hope that it turns out to be something simply remedied, and not a tumor, but better to be prepared with what kind of treatment you are interested in, if any.


All the best






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Hi everyone,
We took Charles (felv+) to the vet this morning and they did an xray of his chest, their is a lot of fluid in his chest cavity, she said it 
could possibly be a tumor. She gave him a shot of cortisone and a shot of Lasix, sent us home with Lasix pills as well.  I am hoping that 
the Lasix gets rid of all of the fluid and hopefully we can by some time if it is a tumor.  If anyone has any advise or thoughts....I don't want
to loose one of our babies.
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