It is a very aggressive cancer but a very curable one, if it is this treatment would need to be started immediately. I know of many cats that have gone into remission, some for many years only to die years late of something else. It is generally a young cat cancer and like I said can be put into remission quickly but must be treated quickly.

I am on a feline lymphoma list if you are interested in learning more, we actually have a vet on the list who is very helpful. You can join the list here is you would like to check into it:

I will say a prayer for you Charles I hope it is something that is treatable.

On 8/13/2013 7:11 AM, Beth wrote:
Actually if you do an abdominal tap of the fluid you can pretty much tell just by looking at it if it is FIP. It is a very distinct, stringy, yellow fluid. I'm not a vet, but the 1st time I saw it tapped off one of my cats I knew exactly what it was. But that is usually in the abdomen, not the chest, which is where the fluid seems to be in Charles. Fluid in the chest could be a heart condition, but that is usually not accompanied by swollen lymph nodes.

Glad he is feeling a bit better & hope the x-rays or ultrasound tell you what is going on.


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